Dark Sun

The rise of Storm. The fall of Gray.
Rise of Stome. Fall of Gray.

Pieces of an ancient ship lie scattered across an endless dessert. Meanwhile, a chained god pleads for his crown. Deep inside caves, hidden inside boxes, and hoarded by evil; the pieces of the crown of storms cries out for its master.

From beyond the Gray cam the Githyanki. They were Aliens of unparelled intellect, but then there ship crashed landed upon the barren landscape of Athas. The Gith (as we know them now) where corrupted by the magic that flowed freely here.

Today a scant and broken few wander the wasteland of Athas in search of fragments of there ancient ship. They wish to leave there horrid prison and return home, beyond the gray.

The Belgoi

The black skins continue onward up the mountain past. They use there numbers to kill 3 Bull Wyrms.
Throughout the night the Belgoi skin and fashion armor and wepons from the Bull Wyrms corpses.
In the morning the Belgoi are suprised by a 4th Bull Wyrm corpses right outside there camp.
That day the Belgoi searched for what ever could have killed the Bull Wyrm.

What they find both startles and intrigued the Belgoi. Both man and beast, and powerful. With ca


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